Buddies Bites CBD Treats For Anxiety

  • Are Buddie’s Bites Legal In My State?
    Yes. Our CBD Dog Treats are legal to ship and use in all 50 states because they have no THC in them.
  • Will My Dog Act Drugged?
    NO! Unlike prescription medication for anxiety, our CBD Dog Treats do not drug your dog. Buddie’s Bites are an all natural anxiety reliever.
    Your dog will act the same as they always do – just without the stress and anxiety!
  • Could My Dog Overdose On CBD?
    No, your pet overdosing on CBD is extremely unlikely as CBD is a non-lethal compound.
  • What Happens If I Give My Dog Too Much CBD
    CBD is well-tolerated in both pets and humans, which means it’s fairly safe even in high doses. If you think you’ve been heavy-handed on the CBD with your dog, you should keep a close eye on them. At the very worst, a high dosage of CBD will cause your pet to become very sleepy or give them an upset stomach.

The best thing you can do is to let them sleep off the effects which could last about 4–8 hours.

  • Are There Other Benefits to Giving My Dog Buddie’s Bites?
    Yes. Research has shown that our CBD dog chews can also help with acute and chronic pain, seizures, arthritis, motion sickness and more.
  • How Much CBD is in Each Treat?
    Each treat contains 10mg of CBD.
  • How Many Treats Should I Give my Dog?
    1-2 treats daily per 25 lbs.
  • How Should I Store the Product?
    Product should be stored at room temperature in a dry place.
  • How Many Treats Come in a Bag?
    There are 30 treats per bag.
  • Is There Any THC in Buddie’s Bites?
    No. Every batch is tested to ensure there is no THC in our treats.
  • How Long Before I See Results?
    When used for anxiety, you should see results within 30 minutes of your dog eating his treat. If using for hip or joint pain issues, you should notice an improvement within 5 to 7 days.
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